An Opportunity to Bless and be Blessed

Written by admin | Saturday, April 24th, 2010

“We serve a God who is never late, and never early. We serve an on-time God.” I have heard this quote many times from a lady at the Widow’s Bible Study that meets in St. Elmo. I never thought that signing up for a widows’ ministry  would be something that I would look back on as being an incredible blessing in my life—but it has been just that.

Widows’ Harvest Ministry serves widows in Chattanooga. A group of about sixty-five widows  meet at St. Elmo Baptist Church every Tuesday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for a Bible study. I began going to these studies my freshman year and started to build relationships with these amazing women. These ladies come from all walks of life, are of all different ages, and have two things in common: they are devoted in their walks with Jesus, and they have lost their earthly husbands. These two things bring them together, and it shows in the way they support, love, and pray for one another.

The Covenant community is involved with this ministry through hosting a workday once a month on a Saturday morning, where we go to a widow’s home and help with yard work. We write letters to them once a month. We do special things for holidays such as making Valentine’s Day bags and sending Christmas cards. Once a semester we host a brunch in the Caudle Room and invite the widows to join us for two hours of food, fellowship, and music. They always love coming, and it’s a great way for the students who write letters to these ladies to get to meet them in person and start forming tangible relationships.

In my senior year, I can honestly say that this is the one ministry that has blessed me the most. These ladies are true prayer warriors; they love the Lord so much. We may not have the same theological views on certain things, but in a way, that is refreshing. I enjoy seeing people of different backgrounds and denominations, coming together to pray for one another, and support each other. These ladies have been there for me personally, prayed with me, and even though I am student-teaching this semester and cannot attend their studies anymore, they have written me letters. I continue to have special relationships with them and they have illustrated to me many times that the God we serve is always on time.

The Lord is never late. It’s hard when He asks us to wait for things, to not be anxious about our prayers being answered on our time. But I have gone back to that quote and reminded myself that the Lord knows exactly what He is doing. I can rest in the fact that “we serve an on-time God.” Much of this I learned from my friendships in the Widows Ministry. If you are looking for a way to get involved in Chattanooga, please consider being a part of this ministry. I can guarantee that you will be surprised with how much you are blessed in return. E-mail

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